I'm getting' drunk - Hammertime
What you say, punk? Hammertime
That one is yours - this one is mine
Raise it up - Hammertime
Hammertime, hammertime, hammertime, hammertime
That one is yours - that one is mine
Raise it up - Hammertime

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
Pull me over 'cause I'm fallin' over, strayin' North
Runnin' over rappers, drunk – "Hello, Mama - How was church?"
Another Sunday and I'm wakin' up
Feelin' like I ate a bowl of shit for dessert
For the first day of Christmas I want bud
Second day of Christmas I want Jack
Me and Santa Claus gonna crawl through the city in the Chevy
Throwin' rocks at your front door, now
Shady Records, buddy, you don't wanna war with that
You feelin' real good 'cause I'm feelin' laid back
But if I wanna run around the wanna circle with the chopper
So I can slow your roll, then I'll do it in fact
And I'll run around your all-black Maybach
With a can of white paint like I came from the top
When the CD drops if you wanna tell your mama
That you wanna come play like you came from the sty
I'm right on time, don't change the clock
With the prime of the rhyme - aim and cock
And the game's on lock, got the game in the box
Poor are you, we got us on lock
Better put your mark, better get a job
Call the cops, find it all
'Cause if I make a call, then the people that care about you
Will never, ever, ever find you at all
Oh, nah! Hell nah! I don't know an audit, football hundred
Crimson Tide, hand me a hundred
Yelawolf's raw, yeah he's done it
But I can't afford to lose this gold
It'd be like drivin' a Ford to the show
I'd rather walk and get my Chevy towed
To the front door of the bar, I'm sold


[Verse 2: Rittz]
Hammertime, a Jack Daniels is an old friend of mine
I bought my lady friend a gin and lime
I've got my hand on her panty line
We took a pill so the feeling gets simplified
I snort a Zanny line and feel the drainers drip
Hard liquor when I'm sippin', we don't baby sit
Drunk, spittin' like I'm sniffin' on a baby's bib
I could get hit by a freight train and live
But chicks, I'm a go hammer - I'm a go slam her
Try the Crown Royal with a little Goldschlager
Dude wanna go run us, mouth full of shit
I'm a bust him in the head with his so-called bottle
He gon' need some cold water and a pack of ice
I ain't no role model, got a bag of white
We bout to drive it out, we hoppin' out
That's somethin' - those goons drivin' drove from the flashin' lights
We go HAM...


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