Police Skit

Keep them camera off!
[Police siren]
[Guns shots]
White boys man!

Tonight there was anger here in New York city, where 5 police officers firing 15 rounds into a car last weekend and killing one man wounding 2 others, the victims were black and unarmed.
A ground middle school student dead, shot by police.
Protesters in California are demanding answers after an allegedly unarmed man was shot and killed by Anaheim police.
New York city police are interviewing potential witnesses and trying to mitigate public anger after officers shot and killed an unarmed man Thursday afternoon.
New tonight, family is suing after once county deputy fired more than 100 shots to stop this one suspect.
The satanic police officer who shot an unarmed suspect in Oakland isn't talking why he pulled the trigger.
You can see 22 year old Noel Polanco shaking hands, leaving his job at the ice lounge story at around 5 this morning just minutes before he was shot dead by police.
Right now a man is in the hospital after being shot by Houston police, they thought he had a gun, turns out he wasn't armed at all.
It seems that this is becoming more and more of a normal occurrence. Now we have another young man being shot down, which appears to be that he was unarmed and that they did not have a warrant for his arrest.
He didn't have no gun, so whatever the police said their word against ours so they always right, we always wrong.

Correct this lyric.
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