Chris Lighty Skit

Man you got nothing to lose in this game by being persistent and consistent
And not thinking that you could just get in and make a hundred million dollars
'Cause that's not gonna happen, 1 million dollars
Be glad to be making 30 thousand then make 50 thousand, then make a 100 thousand
Then make 200 thousand, you know
Make a career, I rather sell 10 million records over 10 years
Than 10 million records once
Because over the 10 years I'll make other things happen off of that 1 million record I sold every year
You know make a career of it
So you have nothing to lose as long as you're focused
And building this as a career, this ain't
As much as we compare to the drug game it's not the drug game
Fuckin feds is watching, the police is watching, the streets is watching
Everybody's watching so you have to be very serious about it
And you know, deal with it accordingly
I tell people I'm the garbage collector and the CEO
I turn off the lights to make sure the air is off
Because it's a business, everybody frontin like
The money is non stop, it's non stop until it stops
And then we'll see how non stop it is
I've seen alot of people come and go in this game so
It's Chris Lighty

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