Brother & Sister

I know this shawty who be huggin the block
He be beefin with his mom, he never met his pops
He the man of the house, he put food on the table
It be basic tv if he ain't paid for that cable
Fuck school, shawty ain't got no time for it
Rent money due, shawty gotta go grind for it
His mother a dope fiend with no teeth left
All she do is smoke up and run for your check
It's just him and his lil sister, they ain't left for dead
He make sure she in school every day lookin fresh
Perfect attendance, she ain't miss a day yet
She get 100 and 90's on all of her tests
He 17 and she 15
She wanna be a doctor, his sister got big dreams
3 years later they still at they mama crib
He 20, she 18, now she getting big
He still hustle in hard, put that work in
She in college now, she still a virgin
Go for 100 grams, he coped that after ticket
And shoot niggas now when I heard shawty be creepin
His sister beefin with some kis who talking bout they mother
Cause she ain't the one to holler
You know the motherfuckers
She said I've been towards to say that to my brother
He smacked on her ass told her go and get your brother
She pissed off that this nigga put his hands on her
She told her brother that his nigga put his hands on her
Now he loading up that 45 in the crib
Adrenaline rushing, about to go check the kid
He know who the kid is, the kid ain't soft
But that ain't stopped the effort, tryina go and blow his head off
Now he going to the block that he be on
Burner out, he saw and tried to kill him
I mean, he almost got him but it ain't hit him
Duke was on point, pulled out and start spittin
The next day shawty back on that nigga block
I mean shawty on orphans, fuck beefin
Dude came outside so he shot some gay beefin
Told on shawty that's bitch all in the prison
And said shawty wanted for assault
Then 2 weeks later, he got caught
Damn, now his sister gonna pay the bills
This shit just got all the way real
And the same kid who smacked on her ass
Saw his brother locked up and she get beef with cash
He throwin money in her face she under pressure
Rent due and she gotta pay for her school semester
She don't wanna take it but she need it
Man her brother doing take years for shootin this nigga man
Ain't really wanna to shot him
And now his sister about to screw him
Damn she sleepin with the enemy
This nigga just took her virginity
How it turned out it was crazy
Would you believe she having this nigga's baby
She ain't tell her brother but he found out
You know niggas in the hood be running they mouth
She moved in with him and kicked they mother out
Her brother buggin out in jail, he flippin out
Huh, she don't write she don't visit
All the numbers he has for her, it's unlisted
Damn, wait till son come home
I'm a tell you the rest of the story
When son come home
Damn, wait till son come home
I'm a tell you the rest of the story
When son come home.

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