No Worries (Freestyle)

[Intro: T.I.]
Hustle Gang nigga
TIP King period man
Zone 1 Westside A-town bitch

[Hook: Detail]
Look me in my face (I ain't got no worries [x3])
See the sh-rooms keep me up (I ain't got no worries [x3])
You see money right there, yeah that's Tunechi right there (turn up)
Yeah that's Mack Maine right there, and we ain't got no worries
You see pussy right there redbone mangos right there
See them sh-roomies right there we ain't got no worries

[Verse: T.I.]
I ain't got no call em a nigga when I get shot, I call em
Nigga don't believe me? call em
Nigga, I'm ballin nigga better be holdin (air)
Look... put in a chopper air
Blah, shorty all about that Ka
Nigga talk shit I laugh
Disrespect you better watch a grown player bout that
Take a nigga neighborhood and turn it into Iraq
Fuck that, I'm bad news,
Have you not heard about me nigga?
Hey I kill careers in my years and you not even good nigga
Kept me in the hood with these nigga
Fully automatic caught a 15 trigga
Pull up to the club with about 15 niggas
Everybody got a gun and a Hustle Gang sweater
Better, no you can't see me nigga
Don't give a fuck about you one of these niggas
You can handle when you see me nigga
Do I look like I'm worried nigga?


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