Where I Wanna Be

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Okay, it's Rockie checking in, also known for killing shit
Ain't got a deck of cards but y'all know who you dealing with
Music is my weapon and I swear I'm not concealing it
And women wanna touch me to symbolize they're feeling it
Yeah, they take me down like Casanova
Young James Bond got these bitches roaming over
Getting pussy galore [?]
Then they come all for my crown and try to throw me over
And from that shit, the great escape is what I found
My old homies say I act as if I've been around
Thought it up, didn't have to pin it down
Adventure to the future, bitch I think I'm Emmet Brown
Man, look at all the good times that we've had
These bitches say that we their type like a keypad
I mean we straight chilling trying to make a million
And stack every dollar to the ceiling, straight building

[Hook: Rockie Fresh]
Yeah, and you can tell me how you feel
But that don't mean that it's for me
And I don't care what they say
At the end of the day
This is where I wanna be
Yeah, said this is where I wanna be
Yeah, said this is where I wanna be
I don't care what they see
At the end of the day
This is where I wanna be

[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
Yeah, now they tell me that I'm real as shit
So alive but my swisher got some kill in it
Remember when my nigga had to steal a whip
Now we balling out, straight cash at the dealership
White hoes, black hoes, we all mixed up
Hating on us, that's the shit that get your bitch fucked
She picked up all off in them big trucks
Thirty minutes later on a nigga getting his dick sucked
Two minutes later, I just went to get my paper
Had to get these boys bars without a permit or a chaser
And right now I'm in the clouds so it's probably out the vapor
You ain't talking money now, you can holla at me later (what)
Cause I ain't really with that small talk
I'm trying to get that big bread
Magazines and legs spreads I'm fine like a big head
Leading just like Vick said

[Hook x2: Rockie Fresh]

[Verse 3: Phil Ade]
Where I wanna be: 30, 000 feet up
This is the definition of freedom
But any second I can lose it all
Dudes are appalled, I prefer to shit on 'em, than use a stall
And my dick is where these bitches seem to rally at
Fuck 'em in the back of the building, I get that alley cat
And the hate is hard to tally that
My pockets looking like I don't know where a Bally's at
The future you can see now 'til I'm old to see now
The money keep calling, I swear it's got me on redial
Don't F with me, I'm only fucking with G's now
Leaders of the new school niggas, I'm a lead out
Put Marilyn in the forefront
I never worked for the man again like a store front
A million rappers, but there's only one of me
So I can tell that in a second I be where I wanna be

[Hook: Rockie Fresh]

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