The Warnings

[Verse 1:]
I got so much to figure out
All because a nigga went and chose a different route
I got one life, I gotta make it count
I guess I'll spend it trying to get it with these large amounts
People still wonder how I did it
I am the future look what I've invented
Dolorians, Lambos, yeah I can whip it
My swag might have me like, I need some bitches
Y'all niggas don't get it, y'all settle for second
We wasting no time, we kill it on first impression
I can't say it enough, I'm all about progression
That Givency look nice but who you think you impressing

[Hook: x2]
And if you fucking with this shit just lose it
Say if you fucking with this shit just lose it
Right now you rocking with our maybach music

[Verse 2:]
I follow my intuition, never paid that tuition
I just went with my vision, the top is where we getting to
I'm the one you niggas gotta listen to
Shit where I go these niggas don't even mention you
Always follow my principle, every problem is miniscule
Now I'm feeling invincible, doing what I'm meant to do
I'm blessed by the holy ghost, heaven high that holy smokes
Now just done with being broke, shout out to Prada they made the coat
I'm icy bitch come see a slope, they right I'm on a different note
Till you get the message, I got clappers I'm elective
Money ain't the object then what the fuck is your objective
A million that's impressive, I get it baby let's live

[Hook x2]

Roll that shit, light that shit, live your life don't miss this shit

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