Lights Glow

[Verse 1:]
I'm rolling up, I'm twisting up
I'm lighting up, I'm bout to bang
I got my mind on the place I came
And I promise to never change
Got the day coming, night falling
And these haters just keep calling
I don't answer they keep calling
I say fuck it I keep balling
Kept searching, finally found it
I remember when niggas doubted
When they tried to clown it
Stay the fuck from round it
I'm back to it, I'm never fronting
Money gon' keep coming
So just holla if you need something
I say holla you need something

[Hook: x2]
You never know, you never know, you never know
See when the night goes, see when the lights glow
I say you never know, you never know, you never know
You see when the night goes, you see when the lights glow

[Verse 2:]
Driving down the highway of life
Staying patient trying to get it right
Niggas talking they ain't living right
These niggas talking you keep living life
Tell 'em keep talking, keep stacking
They liking, faith have it
They down to see you make magic
They die to see you make magic
Keep pushing keep climbing
It's all about timing
You just gotta keep rhyming
You just gotta keep running
When the night hits and the rain falls
We just grind to the morning
We just gotta keep rolling
Holla if you need something
Need something

[Hook x2]

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