I'm Wit It

All my nigga tryna get it, you with it, I'm with it
Your bitch gon' let me hit it, she with it, I'm with it
Got the city on my fitted, you with it, I'm with it
And we really be about it, we talk it, we live it
You with it, I'm with it, these niggas know that I'm with it
You with it, I'm with it, these bitches know that I'm with it
She on it, I'm on it, they don't do this shit how I did it
And if it's 'bout that money, then yeah, you know that I'm with it

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
That nigga Rockie be winning, it's no doubt that he with it
It's a whole lot of money left, I told my niggas let's get it
This what happen when you go hard and learn to stay committed
Told these niggas I would cash out, when I said the shit, I meant it
And it's quality over co-signs, I be giving them dope lines
Like I'm doing them drug deals, flow just how them drugs feel
All my haters can dig a ditch, I'm out of trouble, I'm in your bitch
Having fun while I'm getting rich, I killed the game, fuck a snitch
I'm from Chi-Town, in your city, real niggas roll with me
Bad bitches roll with me and our pockets never on empty
Moving with the money, I go wherever that send me
Champagne sipping, better living, haters never offend me


[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
Okay, I had a talk with my new ho, said I don't care who do blow
I'm tryna get me a Hublot, put butterflies on my two door
Got one rollie, need two more, that's one roll, need two more
Got a college girl on her school flow, pay her tuition with two shows
I'm never moving too slow, all about that fast pay
A lot of niggas be on Durk but we staying fresh till our last day
88 how we ride out, all my money and time count
I heard these hoes looking, I should invest in a hideout
The longterm is what I'm 'bout, long nights, no rest
All I do is go hard like a elbow from Artest
Smoke good, no stress, more checks, oh yes
Gotta feed the homies, all real niggas know this


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