How We Do

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Ok the word around town rockie put it down
They been lookin' they been searchin' I'm the dopest that they found
I'm about to be the king tell them boys give me the crown
My bitches mix my money green, what I'm sipping on is brown
Now I'm wasted, and I'm so turned up that I can't even taste it
But hoes say they love my charming as if I'm hanging from they bracelet
Soundin just like Avril saying "I'm so complicated"
And a lot of niggas hated they did not want me to make it
And the way the livin basic they know my flow has been nice
So I don't fucking boss hoes they sarah palin I'm glenn rice
Feel if I can hit once I can probably hit twice
But I'm too busy I'm gettin money I'm getting high and living life
Spittin fire with my dragon flows, no groceries but I'm baggin hoes
Little nigga in double XL and I ain't talking baggy clothes
These niggas no these bitches no there will be no equal
I'm gettin paid I gotta it made my homie you know how we do

Haters I see through
We do not need you
Break bread with my people
Cause you know how we do
You know how we do [x5]

These hoes are evil
We do not need you
Break bread with my people
Cause you know how we do [x5]

[Verse 2: King Louie]
You know how I do
All I smoke is that gagoo
Tell em search me on google
They don't do it like lou do
Chop it up on 3 phones
Even though I'm 2 cool
Cash out weighs paper work
Lawless Inc, no pencil
Eyes light off emerald
Bad as Billy Jean you should improve
Beef is something we can do
Beat a nigga, instrumental
Top and bottom from the hottest hotties then kick em' out like the rent's due
They can't dream what I've been through
All I know is go hard
Still I make it look simple
Fresh as Rockie, got the heffers jocking
Bands in Robins
Because I'm clockin
Got a zero with no time to play

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