Come Around

[Verse 1:]
Music loud, driving fast, life is just to good to crash
Speeding racing from the past, took some moments made them last
Hustle just like Money Mitch, now I've found my niche
Authentic hustle, everything I ever did's legit
Fake shit in my rear-view, finally got a clear view
Like when you don't fall into the goopy things that peers do
We mashing, and we refuse to slow down
Push it to the limit while I'm repping for my hometown

[Hook: x2]
You see me rolling through the city man
I got my pedal on the ground
And I'll be higher than the highest plane
I got no plans of coming down (Anytime I come around)

[Verse 2:]
Crush the competition, sticking to the mission
Paper in my vision, I just took what I was given
All I know is progress, speeding up my process
And I doubt that there will ever be a day I am not fresh
Cause cleanliness is next to godliness
And this is his work, so it ain't no way I'll be stopping this
I'm popping, bitch, and I hope you're enjoying watching this
Speeding racing, make 'em have to call the cops for this

[Hook x2]

I'm so high, I ain't never coming down

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