A.C. Green

[Verse 1:]
I gotta make it to the other side, where the grass is much greener
What I don't have is swag, this is just my demeanor
And I swear that dirty money's the thing that's keeping me cleaner
That'll get me out the jam into a jam-packed arena
Everything that I dreamed of, rocking out at these packed shows
Leaving with so many girls that I gotta pack hoes
Entering through the back door, they know to keep they tribe clothes
I swear if y'all could just spend a day in these eyeballs
And stand on these plateaus, the view is so beautiful
To make it to the top you can't usually be unusual
I'm way too out the box, I could never work in them cubicles
That school shit, I had did it, that N was fly at the funeral
Stunted on my opponents, hella people got on it
Now my buzz so big every indie nigga want it
The win is who I belong with, I'm just tryna get my placement
Not a doctor but I swallow the patients, 'cause I know that y'all been waiting


[Verse 2:]
Man, it's important to be absorbent when advice is given
An old head talking? I suggest you listen
But ask for recommendations, you'll be the one they mention
I swear you niggas could get paid if you pay attention
Think I need an intervention, drunk off these punchlines
Serial killing tracks bitch, I'm the captain of crunch time
I'm tangled in my grind but that kush is helping me unwind
They broken, I'm the cast, so surprised that I'm unsigned
But my time will come, I will never stop believing
I will never stop my drive, from the day I put the keys in
Never rush or nothing, I'm just waiting on my season
Since I got up in this bitch, I swear I never plan on leavin'
And at this point I'm seeing, whatever we want we get it
I can't wait 'till a couple mill is just a parking ticket
On this road to riches, with thick fine bitches
Living young, fly, and gifted, we been dying to get it


[Verse 3:]
We knew that I would blow, 'cause I had a flow like a fountain
Now we on, yeah we on, led to the top of a mountain
And they see these niggas balling, but the checks is never bouncing
They just broke us off a week ago, and girl is still counting
So the money's not the issue, the issue is what it brings along
Star stunting on niggas that ain't on what we was on, which is wrong
They ain't jokes because they broke
And if I ain't gone help them fix it, I ain't got no right to diss it
My pops paid me a visit, he was helping me build the man
Now his son is in construction too because I built the brand
Took the time, took the grind, now I'm starting to take a stand
It's been more than an ocean, but yeah we still see the plane
Here I am, tryna get whatever they have in store, the only exception is leaving with a pair or more
Yeah, that's some food for thought on your plate, I'm just hoping that this mill was worth the wait

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