Open Wounds

Out of sight, out of mind
Out of time to decide
Do we run? Should I hide?
For the rest of my life
Can we fly? Do I stay?
We could lose, we could fail
In the moment it takes
To make plans or mistakes

Mama, papa, forgive me

Mama, papa, forgive me for the constant sinning
All the problems, the dealings
But the block was appealing
It was blocking my ceiling
No college, not willing to get polished
I was really feeling down
Now I'm healing, slow progress
Rap beats are beginning, my silence is fitting
I never had no problems with admitting when I'm stumped
My life's a whirlwind in a storm that skipped the calm
Yeah, you know where I'm from
Now that the picture is drawn, don't get your facts wrong
I used to front like I got my trap on
Didn't even realized as time passed I became that character
Before I put that act on like the black swan
Did life pass wrong? Maybe, problem, Mercedes, hotties
We're crazy, golly; in my mind my composure is spotty
Every day label to lady but I'm closer to my shorty
But traits' my life design, change the image from the frame
Outta sight, outta mind,
You know the cycle, you lose one and gain some
... caught them, ease them, place you can't intertwine
And back to faze one, it's like Looper
Your choice, better make one
You chose, but make none, your fate's done
My slum need a bottom man like a base drum
Raise the stakes I made mistakes but my pain's numb
Why? 'Cause I faced them

I face my mistakes, yeah, they tell me all the time
Just let them heal slow, but I don't pay them mind
I even let them show
Where do I go, maybe I know, maybe I don't
Yeah, open wounds, gotta strive,
Gotta try stay straight on my road
While I'm closing, closing these open wounds

Yeah, I look around at what happened here
Trapped in this atmosphere, just hoping that some cracks appear
Got some homies on lockdown these last few years
Seen a best friend get shot down like some bad idea
My path ain't clear, I'm fucking boxed in
I'm wish bone, no offence, I'm running out of options
Friends will hate to your back, their faking, they clapping
Watch them close, they be acting shady like...
I'm playing possum, I bait them at the end of...
And real will recognize itself while you were in disguise, fuck them
Everybody's right to the dot, their lives in a line
And they're like 'why would I ride? I'd rather not die for nothing'
No discussion, the clock is ticking, I honestly think my target is me
I'm probably my only competition
From poverty stricken to rivalries pitching
Something was constantly gutting me, God, my conscience is vigilant

I face my mistakes, yeah, they tell me all the time
Just let them heal slow, but I don't pay them mind
I even let them show
Where do I go, maybe I know, maybe I don't

Yeah, open wounds, can I finally close them?
And I'm hoping soon, I pray and hope this wound
Before they close us in this tomb
I'm so in tuned with what others do
It's hard for me to fucking move
Don't care if it sucks to lose
Stuck in a net, searching for nothing
I need to stop this, all we see we gossip
Don't care about us, they all read and watching
Peeping at us, they use methods of detail
You know Beyonce's daughter name, who invented the email?
Shit, I've been poisoned with the apple, too
Moving on, I'm Kubla Khan, I'll find my Xanadu
Days pass, they say time heals all wounds
But I'm still picking at my scabs
Fell to a swamp then I woke up in hell, no
Inhale, exhale, the breathe I press through my fails
And I excel, now look here mama, your kid's not a doctor
Rather than be my father, I was glued to Big Papa
But that's ok, I know you're sad, I go console you soon
I wonder if this song's for me or you, open wounds

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