First Love Yourself

It's feel good right here
It's it's
It's Rogers
I'm back on your niggas hill
It's like hole
On my own nuts man
Like to fix my own plates
Drive my own cars
Do what the fuck I do
When I wanna do it
But at the same time
Live niggas!
I got some issues with the game
I need to live on
Your label just made me famous
Niggas been on
And I can understand
How these niggas move
Stick their pride
Up their ass
Hoppin' to get paid
Last time I checked
Hip Hop
Was competitive
Now everybody stick together
Like there're relatives
Chasin' other authors down
Tryin' to get a burst
I called it dick ride
And you're calling it
A network
I guess
Is more violent was the leaders
I don't know
What it is
No more
I want believers
And I don't mind
Choppin' it in out
With real niggas
But half of you new niggas
Ain't got a else of real linger
Always kickin' raps
I'm always kickin facts
You go to diferent cities
And got to pay tax
And the words of my nigga Jada Kiss
I'm stuck with him
I'm stuck with me
Cause I don't suck dick
Take proud of who you are now
And who you wanna be nigga
I'm countable
I'm good with my motherfuckin' self
Shits me man
Let me talk my shit
Mine teacher ain't to his fauls
I embarace yo
Cause everybody knows his pressure
Shows character
We got to feed your fans
So I ain't mad at yo
No, I'm not trippin'
Player I'm just different
I don't relly on you or others
I took it to the kitchen
And I took'em [?]
And got it back and forth
Court [?]
That nigga stayed in court
Early morning
Suited and booted
Bucky had no support
Just some payed lawyer
And a fresh line
Drop the dipsy on a nigga
Had to sit some time
But it made me stronger
And it made me wiser
All self experience
But I love my father
Thou I'm a good nigga
Sometime I finish last
And I got good cle [?]
But I love it spent some cash
Made me the man
Who I am
I can regret my past
And I'm a teacher amd a leader in my own class
This is [?] five people
Place, lay
Your motherfuckin' self
I had to drop this on
Martin Luther King birthday
[?] to the big hommie
Cause I'm a fine believer
And freedom of speech
You know I keep it one hundrad with ya
Each and everytime around people
I just wanna
Take this time out
To thank everybody up in down
Since day one
Walkin out with and understand
The individual that I am
I've been through a lot man
And I'm still here
Standin' tall
That's all I know
Let's go!

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