Science Projects 2

[Hook: Priest]
Life in the Science Projects
Life in the Science Projects
Life in the Science Projects
Life in the Science Projects

[Killah Priest:]
The beginnin' and the endin'
The departure of close friendships
Here today and gon' tomorrow
Why should death be full of sorrow?
What do the pops of Marvin Gaye think about on Fathers Day?
The last goodbyes are so hard to say, I pray
God bless my oldest sister, knowin' I miss her
Read the eulogy, refuse to speak on the pew with the Preacher
We're part of the Lost Tribes bought to these shores
While America treated us evil, Deuteronomy speaks of the eagle
And Obadiah put coals of fire on the heads of Edomites
That won't give us our freedom rights
Ask Willie Lynch what them demons were like?
The slave scene swing low, sweet chariot
Like HE from Nazareth will come
Carry us away, but we still here today
The children play in buildings, lookin' for a way

[Hook: Priest]

[Killah Priest:]
Life and death is like a carnival the cemeteries
Ain't nobody left that's honorable, they all been buried
The Prodigal Son return as the product from slums
Tattoos on his abdominal and glocks by his lungs
Superstitious, crucifixes and horseshoes hang
And grab nines, livin' room since I've been in the womb
Stain - Glass window Church's, Friday night service
Israelite curses, Five-Percenters recitin' their verses
What's his real name? Allah, God or Jah, or is it Yah?
Jesus or Jesús? They greet and name Zues
Yakob or Jacob or Ya'qub? Crips or Blood?
Baby Crips to Pirus
We went to Jesus Disciples to Gangster Disciples
Till those angels invite you, pass them pearly gates
Think of worldly place you'll like to escape

[Hook: Priest]

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