Who's Gonna Save My Soul

I got some bad news this morning
I can't sing for this ya'll
Which in turn made my day, yeah
When this someone spoke I listened, yeah
All of a sudden has less and less to say, all right.
Oh how could this be
All this time
I lived vicariously.
I can't sing this.

Who's gonna save my soul now?
Who's gonna save my soul now?
I wonder if I live to grow old now?
Getting high 'cause I feel so low now.

And made me feel like somebody
Like somebody else, yeah
Although we were imitated often now
Felt like I was being myself
Oh, how could this be?
All of this time I had to keep shit G
Boy I'm on a... I'm sorry ya'll

Who's gonna save my drug now?
Who's gonna blaze my smoke now?

I wonder if I'll be pretty forever ya'll, ocean
Feeling high now I feel so low down

I need the marijuana where the trees, leave the trees,
You're chillin' in the live now and you with me,
ASAP, gotta have to the back
And this white 'cause I got a white color short the match
Got a blue trench, chickens on my...
Never gave her up, 'cause the clock won't tic,
If mine don't seek, all up in your chicken,
Everybody know me, 'cause I'm here take your flexin,
And I love the UK, shoot that you're two pay,
Riding round, shoot cargo like new day
And it's a fiasco, that man is an asshole,
And I could get busy but they busy liek rasgo,
And this is off the top, when I'm chillin' in alive loud,
You already know, ain't steppin' in the spot now,
I gotta come, shut it down, up in other town,
I need to beat the loop man, I need another round,
Oh, how could you be?
I beat by carriest,.. you're ready?

An' oh who's gonna save my hoes now?
Who's gonna save my soul now?
I wonder if I live to grow older now,
They say I move back so I gotta slow down.

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