Sway In The Morning Freestyle

Let's go baby!

I'm in the hood with it
Hole up, hole up
Take your time baby
Let's get it right

I'm in the hood with y'all all day
Who really want Brooklyn
Uncle Murda [?]
Certain people don't want to ehar nothing
Like fuck all them niggas big still runnin
I [?] me even dancing with Diddy
All eyes on me now I'm runnin the city
Look these rappers has their chance but they get busy
Tell em [?] east coast we found a new biggy
[?] don't dance but that's my my Diddy
Look he say he gonna mark the whole fifty

All right
Let me get it right [?] that's right yeah
This is lie so it's lie for [?]
Okay alright
Listen man
If you ain't talking about big money and big cars
Big cribs and chicks with no kids homie what's the point
Man, what's the mother fucking point?
If you ain't' talking bout big deals, big businesses
I'm talking money that it take care your kids grandkinds homie
What's the point?
What's the mother fuck point?
He had a baby with Beyonce, look at his Cadillac man
Are you going [?] homie
What's the point?
What's the mother fucker point?
About me and nation happen but I took that paper [?] happen
Homie that was the point, that was the mother fucking point
All you gotta do call your [?] get your hustler
But you still live mother crib homie
What's the point
What's the mother fucker point
She got a new bad new shoes or [?]
She looking fancy but her kids like [?] shawty
What's the point in being a fly bitch
What's the mother fucker point
If your kids look like shit

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