I'm A Thug Freestyle

Brooklyn, brooklyn, brooklyn,
Oh I got rid of my old broad
Now I'm with my new chick
She had an old sugar daddy
Baby I'm your new [?]
Just bought a cadillac, I don't know how to drive
Got shot in the head, man I don't know how to dive
I [?] with this old head, just bought a [?]
Old head thought he was nino, got killed by a new jag
Bought a bunch of louie dicks, I ain't even way again
I know these niggers albums [?] I ain't even hear that
Remember me dead bro, look at me up now
Fly fly, she looking like I'm from up town
My defense make your [?] shut down
I stop niggers from scoring the winning touchdown
We in the crib, counting all this paper
We them independent niggers that moving like the matrix
I'm a thug, like my nigger tupac
Outlaw, ask about me, [?] shootouts with the cops
I'm a thug, or hear from
He [?] his chest out, throw him a [?]
I'm a nicki, having a ménage,
Not nicki minaj, this other nicki with this other broad
I'm a pig, I'm a man
Let these bitches know, [?] is back
I'm with the murk team, call the benz
I'm on that brooklyn bullshit, I do it for big
You dig?

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