Thick Bitch (Hit My Jack)

Thick bitch hit my Jack
She know that I'm everything these niggas lack yea

[Verse 1:]
Aight now shorty say she never slack
She been grinding long time to get to where she at
Little mama put in work
And she lookin real right in that pencil skirt
She get on my sit and then she go berserk
I'm a fresh nigga even when I do my dirt
But she don't never trip, she say she handle that
'Cause she know when she trippin I'm replacing that
Hold up, I think a...

Thick bitch hit my jack
She know that I'm everything these niggas lack
She say for her future she gon come with that
I might throw a hundred if you throw it back, so throw it back
You can stop if you want these stacks
You know it's a party everywhere we at
Like a slow jam go and throw it back
You, you and your friend go and throw it back, throw it back

[Verse 2:]
Now she don't drink, but she say she might do that tonight
She don't smoke but she say she might do that tonight
Girl we young so let's just have some fun and live our life
You might get sprung of what can happen if you hit the lights
I've been on by the lights of day, this and the Ricky's
Have you ever really rolled in them Porsches or them Bentleys?
I don't think so, brush me down, what you got a thing for
Take my line down and if you ever want a link ho


Hey Rockie, I kinda forget you wouldn't answer
One of your videos just popped up on my TV screen
And really wish you were standing right here in front of me
But you're always so busy, you're always on tour
And niggas out here notice that, they always tryna get at me
But I ain't never going 'cause I know you will come back for me
But if you find the time give me a call back,
It's your Chicago girl, bye.


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