The Lights

The lights will lead you there
There's no better life then this I swear

[Verse 1:]
The lights will lead you there
Some people say that this life ain't fair
They all wonder how I got here
Lil nigga fuck around and had a big year
And the smoke kinda cloudy but one thing's clear
When them lights go down I ain't no fear
No I ain't afraid of nothing
Got it right now but I got some more comming
Known from the city where the choppers steady drummning
And everybody wonder how I get to where I'm gunning


[Verse 2:]
Way before the watch and chain
Even before they knew my name
Way before all this fame
Way before the cars that came
I ain't even care who fuck with it
Always wanted money I'm a go and get it
You with it, I'm with it
The bitch won't let me hit it
She with it I'm with it, down
I done left shit alone, that's why I'm living wrong
But a nigga so gone
And I'm still gon' reach that top spot
I'm a hot shot, colder then you pop scott
Thankful for everything that I got
Looking to the sky for what I got

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
Man I really got my break through
And that's what happens when your gonna stay faithful
A lot of people don't get it but I'm grateful
Everything you not is the shit that make you
Never let 'em tell you what you can't do
Everything is possible, everything is possible
Just watch for the light that glow

[Hook x2]

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