Roll Up Right Now

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Rockie be chiefing, maybe I'm tweeking
But these rappers just decent and I look like the coldest
Forever I'm focused, the right people know this
I went from sleeping on the twin to nights with the Olsens
I know I'm the dopest, though my city seem hopeless
Lot of people don't make it, lot of niggas be faking
Lot of niggas be dying so my main goal is surviving
In the town I'm residing, grinding until I'm resigning
You know how we riding, watching out for them sirens
Copping kicks for the team, make sure my people stay clean
I come step on the scene, Alexander Mclean
I am crack, I spit that, turn your girl to a fiend
She hit the loud and she lean, she know I be rolling strong
It's rocking like the Rolling Stones, she see me in the Rolling Stones
We roll up on that right now, light me up and bust me down
If they ain't moving with the movement, move the fuck from round

I takes some hits, I'm faded bitch
Blowing money fast, we ain't saving it
One life to live, no fucks to give
Blowing loud in the crib bout to do it big
Roll up right now, roll up right now
Get so high I touch a cloud, roll up right now
Roll up right now, roll up right now
Get some loud and break it down, roll up right now

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
I'm riding in some shit only I can design
Old school though so ahead of my time
With every line that I drop, every fashion line that I rock
These niggas is catching up late, reset they clocks
Daylight saving time, they just rolling wine
Only trusting in mine because we lifers
The same time riders, carboon fiber hood
Stripes on the dodge viper
GTS closed courses professional drivers, track killers
Not none of these old regular rap niggas
Cause I don't rub elbows with 'em
Just from that worth 100 million and ain't but 3 niggas in it
This living isnt it, weed loud, pictures is vivid
Telivisions is flat, 90 inches
Mounted on these walls, this house belong to a dog
Holding my weed with my palms, ashing in your bitch drawers
Roll up right now, police is pulling up roll that joint down


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