Otherside Redux Freestyle

Okay, it's Rockie, known for turning doubters to believers
Fliest nigga walking in these jay and swing Addidas
See these niggas balling, hoes be yelling from the bleachers
And we known for getting dougie, you ain't even got to teach us
Now we is the shit, know wherever we go and we control like Nintendo
Wii-Motes, chilling with a bad B, she be counting C-Notes
And she never take breaks cause we'll never be broke
Wonder what will we smoke, say that we the highest
I be on some king shit, label me your highness
You can't even buy this, this be out your price range
Your girl be like my crack fiend, she say she love my pipe game
Exciting, did my damn thing and then got rid of her
Now I'm seeing money like I work behind the register
Paper, I'm the editor, you're not a competitor
And me being ahead of ya is why I'm getting head from her bitch.

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