Megan Good

Brooklyn in this bitch
Nino about to flip
Brookyn in this bitch
You see me on my shit
This is beastle
See my joint to the streets
Been on repeat now
Why kids in the burb see me and great
Like I am the beasties
The way I cook up in the lab
With ice they say
They perish to the round
I can cure
You just caught on
And I've been out the float of light
Of this earth
Since fresh prince and a capsin
A dice in the m [?]
For my hipe and right
This is not an error
And fuck this flash
And the pens
Should rumor last forever
For ever ever
For ever ever
No lie
You hate you helicopter
Propela chop
Now your headin' somethin'
The [?]
Not thrilled up
Not real up
[?] bless it's better
I rap the cela sky
She's limit bitch
I'm in to stela
Put [?] rappers and a hood
And what I offer
I am to rap thien
My facebook is too a stocker
I'm at this crackers office
Laughin' at the authors mind
Dolphins along the worth
The sacrifice to their daughters
On the road the richest
Blesses all about buisness
I'm tryin to stack chips
And raise some spoiled ass rich kids
I want bless with the luminati connections
That they don't get catched
They printed
I checked off half of my wish list
I got slim chick with an ass
So added proportion
She booty claps by accident
Bitches buyin'
When she's walkin'
My game gets me bitches out of my league
It's almost like they got no choice to fuck
Adam and Eve
I makin' my own peace
So bis like delirious
My's potential picked up me
And the devil preach
Satan tryin' catch me
I got to much information
Won't be shock
When he's a jaizy
To recruit me for the maison [?]
I thought I dia [?] up
Sign me up
Just tell which sign is up
I like things to be defined
And I just grown in a climate
Climb it up
I can see your past
Through your drama ya
My lines are hot enough to the taxes push out of the monitor
The several minder
I'm a just crick
Give my charmas up
So I can rent land and [?]
For Obama
When our time
It's up!
My squads near deep down in the gather
Ain't that fancy here
Album cover
Speakin' of covers
Don't made me
Load a clip or two
Switch a view from light to the enterire food and liquer too
I flipped the rules
Until the ruller
I'm a in intuace
So he can anticipate
The shifted
When I'm move into space
Watch me infiltrate
Cause it's my faith to integrate
Parts with great news
[?] place
Fix your face
Catch me slip no way
That had happen
When six hips the gase
Conserve chick fellay
On Christmas day
The shit I say
Get respected in a big way
No need to speak [?]
And no I F [?]
The best is play your rhyme
Since the big days
Like anyone
Punisher Corleone
Chris Canned
Insane in a man brain
Let's be real in the next thing
I can fuck Scarlett Johansson
Just off my pain gained
That thieves lovin that [?]
I make it good
The flow is beautiful bitch
Makin' good
And I would be on your right!

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