Born Dead

Yeah, holla's calling, my son's already baking
I'm acking steady pacing, trying to lose an advice from [?] basement
But I've already mess hating,
She's a 5-3 snake, bitch name and some fake tits
That's my ex left in my fam, the lower as I count I should have left her to dancing
When the devil wanna tangle, we choose in every engel
Be affect like in 80s is trapped in the room with demons and angels,
Reason believe when you see in this fabel
Do you believe this? No, no
Don't need to [?] so just give it to [?] let me twill in the streets
At that moment of the trigger ready killer to be resets
Speak this we bless, my mama mess the mob, take the [?] and I gotta be
Out of my mind then got it my [?]
When we poppin we recommend the [?] eye
I am a line and the walk hots colony
And then anomaly like honest right thing poor by my [?]
Tryin to fix as economy, I ain't of [?]
Who the fuck is mamy, still now proud of me wide,
Down shawty [?] classic, everyone that [?] wise
You know we ride, all day, all night,
I smoke, but stay high,
Do anything to make your pain high,
Born dead

Your lies are dead when you're [?]
But when you're born, your lies are dead
Your lies are dead, but when you're born
But when you're born your lies are dead.
[?] do in every angel, (dead, dead)
Your lies are dead when you're born
Right when you're born your lies.

Front door of that staircase, to that bedroom to that white hoe,
Tiger lack love in my head, but I don't give a fuck, I'm here to slice dopes
I wait, do we devil uff and we take soul, I'm like chucky bitch
Pop the trunk, I'm fin and dump the trick,
Late nights now forgot the fish, pole the guise, ghost to Christ,
Death match, roll the dice, still born it was still [?]
'Cause my grip on like [?] spite dick, [?] stroke your wife,
No condom on, pregnancy and you think you shop in your own life,
Like [?] in that, say my name enough buss come,
I could make a grown man cry and my words are alone like my tongues on you,
You're so coll if I lose the tooth,
The truth that relieve me like [?] heart
That's soft tough, but I swear I'm evil,
You see my shadow who run the [?]
Rap telly your [?] lie, sex women and drug crimes,
Gang girls, one cup, too dark is, fun time,
[?] in this trill with Mary, [?]
Born dead too [?] is jumped out like I'm back nigga


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