Blue Skies

[Verse 1:]
I'm on now, fuck that we on now
Waited for that shot to come with patience now I'm racing to the top
And I am able to change the rules and the standard, call me me a fool or outlandish
I take the cards I was handed and use them anyway I choose like Gambit
YOU, hardly could stand it hater on the the sidelines standing
Granted, I was never granted a thing man all this here's off of grind & branding
Now, back to them Brooklyn streets... boosting, hustling through the junction
Moving up quick, eluding justice, looking back I was too rambunctious
I'm spewing substance through this music, sacrificing views
I talk that trap shit too but I touch on them facts ya'll ain't attracted to
Rap for few, making sense means making less, how's that move?
Ya path is skewed but never get detached from ya task or natural aptitude
Now grasp this, just long enough to take a break from ya phone app
The government knows when you take a shit, them satellites beaming down... they own that
We all tapped, no debating, rose through trials & tribulations
You chase ya dreams when you catch them then you and I could relate then, (and I'll be waiting)

{There's nothing but blue skies}
This is for the pain that I got, the fear in my head
I see them clearer days ahead
(There's nothing but blue skies)
This is for the tears that I dropped, the blood that I've shed
I see them clearers days ahead
{There's nothing but blue skies}
Now I see them clearer them days ahead
{There's nothing but blue skies}

[Verse 2:]
We on now, fuck that it's on now
Thought I'd be gone like Ron Browz, you was so wrong, wow
This raw style's for all crowds, none crossed out
My Portishhead mixed with Nas sound would make Ray Charles proud
When the skies had looked like a storm cloud, knew them sunny days was coming soon
You know shit ain't looking right when You can not see the sun in June
Now l'm winning on top where I'm sitting, spittin as hot as the tropical temperature, not gonna stop for a second
I'm living Obama's original promising vision
No one could predict this, they'd honestly trip if u told 'em my impudence limited me for a moment
Believing and hoping's a different approach, and I eagerly coasted through leeches & vultures
Deep breath, let me reset, reflect, through each step
Don't wanna jinx it, cause the past haunts, and the effect, look at G Dep, (damn gotta clear my mind)
No lie, I done came from the gutter, rose from the slums
Ain't make a name off another, you hear the hope from my lungs, And it shows, what I've grown to become (you see it)
Guess I'm a heretic, a rebel nevertheless, I'm growing
Roaming, look I'm gone, to the unknown, look up see where I'm going

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