I show off
Real nigga that beat him
Fake nigga that beat him
Can't beat 'em so you join 'em
Digging the bootie niggas always preheight
I got to distance myself we ain't nothing alike
Ain't got nothing coming
I'm honest when riming
My vbs is date good
They go shit on [?]
They go shit on that watch
And that fruity ass chain
I'm dipping in and out on lanes
With a trunk full of cane
And I'm hitting your game
Mather of fact is your main
Mather of fact I never fuck she just gave me some brain
I'm so forgetful when I come to these hoes
You think you got a bad bitch
Nigga I got ten of those
I got plenty/pretty clothes wearing green tags on it
Don't make me put your ass on it
And that's a full warning
Make me tell you again
I got a bunch of [?]
And a couple of friends
Trunk full of squares
Pot full of residue
Running like I'm broke but your chick know I've come to bu
Smoke is coming in and out
We can't keep the door closed
Full full rubber grip chrome with a short nose
That ain't good b I
The youngest serve c I
Now we in the jump suit
Bitchin' on a b a
First love yourself nigga fl wizza
D and g intensity
I remain flizza
We caught a bunch of cases
So I made my lawyers richer
Now I let my shooters hold the guns I got to pitch out
Hittin' hoes that you see you're xenophobes
Question up [?] thirtys and stole [?]
A bank robe can't erase the shit you told
Low chain niggars
And the nature of y'all
About the [?]
We gonna' stump them till [?]
Can't id his fucking body
But he was a [?]
You grinding for [?]
Fuck you niggas talking 'bout
I got a [?]
And ain't no chance of getting out
Bubble face [?]
Dancing like a chandelier
Once you see the fireworks then you know we up in there
Different city different women
How the hell we're in competition
We're never see y'all
And I'll never recall
All I see is white cheese
Stevie wonder Ray charles
Yo bitch [?]
Baby mom's on my dizzos
We ever changing up
I bring up my [?] sleeves
Scarface scary blueman brown
With the double gees
Take pride in yourself not just who you wanna be
How you talkin' 'bout a brick but never seen a court of key
Get my pot get my bait
Don't need it easy bake oven the flow of this cake
I want it all in one piece don't need no shit
'Cause with it we out of deal bucky straight

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