I don't wanna help the people
Just give me the heat
First help yourselves niggas

Cigar lit and I'm sipping reisland
Gander love the way yeah I've been eating
Some bitches caught the vapors now they speaking
I'm a d boy, no decoy, yeah they know seagul
Yeah, emotional, insecure, all the above
Buck he never paid for drugs, I got a real plug
You never been to war, or even cook raw
Tell the truth, yeah that's my young boy, young boy
I've been around, and still at it
Big bezel on the watch nigga that's 20 karats
You never had shit, guess that's why you act funny
Ain't got the boast or brag, I'm used to the money
Fuck you gonn show me I ain't seen already
It take more to impress me cause I've been heavy
I've been hitting hoes, flipping o's, doing shows
You was a fan first, now you actin so so

Money, power, fame, that ain't for everybody
Especially when you grow up broke and was a nobody
That shit will drive you crazy
Poppin pills, sippin syrup, yes main won't say a word
That might just be your downfall
But you gonn learn, you ain't special
Everybody gets a turn
Hoes gonn flock for whoever hot
Easy to get there, it's hard to keep the spot
Stand up guy, I always been there
Little 12 months run, niggas are in there
Got a bunch of mel groupies stroking your ego
Making threats on the net, that ain't the g code
You ain't gonna kill nothing, see nothing die
Next time add nigga if you wanna reply
Red beef, we don't entertain, that's for the lames
I'm the one who got the money and stayed the same

This don't taste likfe beef, this is coole sweet
Sweet, one of my sons is bumpin they gums
Fuck you gonn shoot me with your registered gun
And wait there on the scene till them pigs will come
I ain't the one to make no threats or disrespect
But niggas out of line need a reality check
God damn drugs got you thinking everybody hate you
And I don't mean the [?], cause he ain't got your paper
I try to motivate, you try to put em down
That's why it's places in the city you can't come around
You know the strikes I got, you've been through nice town
On grade street alone, I moved 1000 pounds
And that's bagged up, now the waste sell
Yeah I've been lined up, but I never tell
Every d boy I know niggas done took an l
Wrong place at the wrong time
That's how you went to jail.

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