Witha-without, witha-without
It's, it's

Got you niggas faded, sort off like a baba
Foot on niggas [?] check their post I'm going harder,
Couldn't fuck with me then can't fuck with me now,
I fat and burt niggas they my stetch out,
Brand new 63 see I last AMG
Black about the seas, and all you hear is beats,
Ladies wait and hide, you know I'm waiting back,
8 on my waste suit cost me 4 stacks,
Outrageous, trash that king
Witha-without it deal I do my damn thing,
S streets, they say about it,
All the dirty money nigga know what count
Is mama got a smile so proud of her child,
Little sisters grown with a red bottom styles,
You like it I love it, spending money no budget
Automor bottles fuck it, ten damn is nothing,

Living like I wanna, thank God for that corner
But you better keep a stash when them people get upon you,
'Cause lawyers cost and bitches leave
Hold me skip down and hold you money for a king,
I flime in and then I fly out,
Take the dick about her pussy, put it in her mouth,
Out to town broads, you ain't never seen,
Realty feels better than dreams,
Every day I wake up and get praise to her law,
A working man as suckers, and [?] embrace the boss,
Never took gutters always gave em,
And nigga tell you different always sayin loyal to my bros
Disloyal to my hoes,
Fuck a bitch and duck a bitch I'm stick up in the cold,
Bank rose, we call them brand sticks
Motivate me for the days when I ain't have shit.

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