Young Jeezy - Gangster Bitch

[Intro: Mike Will Made It]
World Premiere, world fuckin premiere,
What? true love, established in 1989 2.5

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
I want a real bitch man fuck a girlfriend
Wanna ride with me, slide with me until the world ends
Do the damn thing, we gon live like stars
Until the Feds come through and repo the cars
Until the DEA kicked the door at the crib
Until the ATF know exactly where we live
First night we met yeah, I knew I had to have her right then
Right now nigga, not a moment after
Know the magic in my hands yeah, everytime I grab her
Last thing she do to me is fuck another rapper
Lifes too short and my money is too long
Together everyday and bond is getting strong
Feels like love I dunno what this is
Last night I had a dream we had 50 kids
Just me and bitch no time for the fellas
Just me and my bitch think the homies gettin jealous
She whispered in my ear, she said she wanna thug with me
And in the same breathe she told me

[Hook: Young Jeezy]
Me and my gangster bitch, me and my gangster bitch
All a nigga need
Me and my gangster bitch, me and my gangster bitch
That's all a nigga want
Me and my gangster bitch, me and my gangster bitch
Even when I'm dead broke, fucked up and high
She gon roll with me, we gon ride, we gon die

[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
Look, it don't matter if it's daylight or nightime
As long as me and her together, it gon feel like the right time
Might be going overboard, I think she my life line
I don't think another nigga got a bitch like mine
Must be from heaven cause she feel heaven sent
Say the right things to keep my confidence
Tell me don't worry baby walk around the corner
Sit back and chill nigga, smoke the marijuana
Me and my bitch we don't fuss, we don't fight
And when we all alone I like to grip her real tight
Can't go to sleep unless my baby spend the night
She on the left side of the bed, I'm on the right
Laid up, late night, smoke conversating
Said she got tough with all these bitch niggas hatin
She told me don't worry cause it's us against them all
And when the smokes clears, we gon be standing tall
Just me and my bitch


Me and my gangster bitch, me and my gangster bitch [x5]


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