Kelly Rowland - Kelly Rowland Speaks

[Kelly Rowland:]
My fav song right now is
Bands a make her dance
(How did you like working with Mike will?)
It was fun, we had a really good time together
Mike was like, "you know Kell you need that
Real shit, know what I mean?"
He got the cutest little voice, you just want
To kiss em, he's just soo cute.
(What's his music like?)
It's crazy, It's crunk, it's always crunk
Like he always send you in that tone like
You know when you get to the club
You need to hear one of his records
Like it's gon completely change the atmosphere
You know what I mean?
I think that's why I wanted to work with him above anything,
The funny part is he always says turn up, like
"Tuuurnup up", he says it real slow
Turn up, established in 1989 2.5
I love you Mike Will

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