Chief Keef - On It

[Intro: Chief Keef]
Mike Will Made It, eardrummers, estalished in 1989 2.5
It's your man Chief Sosa man, GBE shit, 300 shit
O block shit, bang bang, you know how I'm rockin
Understand, all the way from Chicago, Chiraq, 300
You know what I', sayin, rockin with my boy Mike Will
And eardrummers, Chiraq to ATL,
I see ya'll niggas out here doing young man, bang bang

[Hook: Chief Keef]
Bitch you see me and my team, they be on that
300 Glory boys yeah we be on that, I got guap tell your bitch to get on that
On this dough I tell your bitch get on that
She on that, she see me she on that
We don’t get money team you can’t get on that
Get off my dick tell your bitch to get on that
She now my bitch, tell your bitch to get on that

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I pull out my dick tell your bitch to get on that
She like my car she fuck me in my foreign
She like that I'm Sosa, them niggas foreign
I’m flexin and finessin in them torax
Each time... fuego, disrespect my semo…got a halo
I’m a baller harlic I’m bout my pesos
Your bitch keep on calling tell her to leggo
My money stacking up so high like lego
Tryina be sosa, this ain’t no race though
Tryina be sosa, home boy you came close
This bitch know sosa he got that playdough


[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
I’m the voice of the streets, you know I own it
I’m talkin way before this rap I had a foreign
After the show I fucked your bitch and she was borin
We came along way from the slums, now we tourin
Pimp g, I put the whole world on it
GBE, Chief Keef, that’s my homie
A half of brick, I put a whole 9 on it
One sip, I keep 2 9’s on me
I want the money bags, had money attack
The money got me geeked
Remix is hela swag, we the finesse kings
Rob a nigga with no mask
How to be a millionaire, I put you on that


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