Brandy - Brandy Speaks / Do You Know What You Have

[Intro: Brandy]
Mike WIll Made It, What you doing right now?
Where are you right now? are you producing a track?
You better be, you know why you better be?
Because you the hottest, the newest, the freshest
The most versatile dude in the game right now
You and all them Ear Drummer dudes
I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud to have worked with you, met with you
Your so talented and I just look forward to working with you in the future
Congrats on everything, congrats on all the success
All the hits, everything your doing right now is huge
Good luck with your mixtape, stay the way you are
Stay humble, it's your girl Brandy, love you, peace
Does he know?

[Verse 1: Brandy]
Now all I hear you saying is don't stop
(Did, did you forget that)
What's that look on your face?
Are you surprised?
(You act like you can't believe this)
Gon and lay your head back (what)
While I set it off (what)
What you thinking bout (what)
Is it me or her? (what)
You say you'll never leave (what)
I ain't insecure (what)
What you yelling for

[Hook x4: Brandy]
Do you know what you got here (do you know)

[Verse 2: Brandy]
I don't think you recognize
I'm certified ride or die
Why do I have to ask (what)
Is it good enough (what)
Don't you see in me (what)
How much I'm in it for (what)
Take a bullet for ya (what)
If I had to (what)
Take my heart from me might point it at you

[Hook x4]

[Bridge: Brandy]
If you forgot what's
Waiting here
When you change your mind but
You're free to go
Just do me a favor
Leave your keys on the table
If you forgot what
The way this feels
When you changed your mind boy
You're free to go
Yeah yeah
(Does he know?)

[Hook x4]

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